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Friends and Family

I have always been fascinated by insects. Like many kids, my childhood summers were spent at the community pool. Upon arrival, the first thing I did was check every leaf and bug trap in the pool for drowning insects. I would gather and relocate any rescues to my sunny towel, lie on my stomach and patiently watch as they gently cleaned and dried their wings until they were able to fly away. I have spent countless hours watching these magnificent little creatures spin, dig, crawl and flutter about, always learning something fascinating and new.


When humans get together they often sit for portraits or pause for a series of impromptu photos. In this series, little creatures are lovingly included in all portraits as part of our circle of friends and family. They are equal in size to humans and impossible to ignore. The complex lives, vast diversity and intricate beauty of the little creatures all around us deserve our respect and admiration, not our fear or repulsion.


Hand-painted vintage photographs are combined with antique, scientific illustrations.

Mixed media photo composites (framed dimensions 8.75” x 10.75”)


Earthen Home

A row of rusty mailboxes depicts human life both above and below ground, showing a friendly relationship between man and creatures of the soil. Each mailbox door opens to reveal a different underground world, softly illuminated by lights. 

Illuminating, mixed media, found object assemblage (30" x 50" x 9")

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