Friends and Family

I have always been fascinated with the little creatures that inhabit the world around us. I have spent countless hours watching them spin, dig, crawl, fly and explore as they go about their daily routines. When we humans gather together, we often sit down for family portraits, or pause for a series of impromptu photos with friends. In this series, little creatures are lovingly included in all of the portraits as part of our circle of friends and family. They are equal in size to humans and impossible to ignore. This series spotlights some of the tiny amazing creatures that share our world. Their complex lives, vast diversity and intricate beauty deserve our respect and admiration, not our fear or repulsion.


Hand painted vintage photographs combined with antique prints.   

Mixed media photo composites (framed dimensions 8.75” x 10.75”)


Earthen Home

Illuminating, mixed media, found object assemblage (30" x 50" x 9")

A row of rusty mailboxes depicts human life above and below ground, showing a harmonious and friendly relationship between man and creatures of the soil. Each mailbox door opens to reveal a different underground world which is softly illuminated by battery operated tea lights.