Fetal Pods

Food, clean air, and water are the foundations of life. Earth’s biodiversity provides us with the essentials we need to survive on this planet. By depleting our natural resources and destroying the ecosystems in which we live, we are in essence, destroying ourselves. In this series I explore the human-nature relationship and our inseparable link to our natural environment.

Mixed found object assemblages encased in glass domes.


Large domes (dimensions - 5” x 10.75”)

 Small domes (dimensions - 4” x 7.75”)


Outside / In

The viewer is invited to peer inside two black, half spheres. The first illuminated scenario contains a green, thriving version of our earth where humans are living in harmony with the natural world. The second contains an inhospitable version of our earth after it has been stripped of its natural resources by an army of men in suits.

Which world would you rather live in?

Living assemblage spheres (dimensions - 24" x 24")