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As leaves fall to the ground, drift in the wind, or are ripped from their branches during a storm, this is their story.

Exploring the possibility that leaves are not only nutrients that return to the earth as they decompose, but that they carry the thoughts, memories and events that its mother tree has experienced over its lifetime.   


Mixed media/found object assemblages (framed dimensions 10.5” x 10.5”)

Living Carpet

As we stroll across our front lawns, we tread over an incomprehensible world of tiny plants, grasses, insects, fungi and moss. Beneath the initial layer of green lies soil, a complex mixture of minerals, water, air, organic matter and countless living and decaying organisms. Soil supports all life that springs from it. Modern agricultural practices and the overuse of chemicals, pesticides and other pollutants have led to worldwide soil and land degradation. Soil is our life support system and it is our responsibility as humans to nurture and protect it. This installation represents a living carpet with the intent to bring awareness and appreciation to the complex world below our feet.

A single tree stands in carpet of moss and fertile soil. Found object living assemblage (108" x 96" x 72")


The Murder of Trees

This found object installation was created in response to the ruthless deforestation in and around the

Charlotte city limits.


Trees and Clay Circles

Unearthed trees suspended over clay circles (collaborations with Joann Galarza Vega). 

Five small trees are suspended over dried clay circles. Trees were collected from a home renovation construction site. Clay was collected from a former forest that was cleared for construction, leaving decimated trees and exposed earth. The trees hang over the dried clay, separated from their life source, and are connected to each other at the roots by thread as an homage to how live trees are connected and communicate underground. A continuous line of red sand runs through the clay circles. 

            Found object assemblage


A single tree is suspended over a dried clay circle. The tree was planted in a residential yard by a landscaping company and died after transplant, leaving visibly restricted roots and branches. The painted clay is topped with various materials collected from nature, arranged as a 'blessing' of the things that fall from trees, fallen trees and the loss of our ecosystems. Bird sounds come from a nest in the tree.

Found object assemblage

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