Nature's Carpet

Do you pay attention to the natural wonders beneath your feet as you walk through the world?

Found object assemblage (9' x 8' x 6').
A single tree stands in carpet of moss and soil with a sprinkle of holly berries.


The Murder of Trees

Mixed media/found object assemblage.
Trees suspended by rusty chains and hanging from weathered metal structure. Created in response to the ruthless deforestation in and around the Charlotte city limits.


Trees and Clay Circles

Mixed media/found object assemblage.

Unearthed trees suspended over clay circles (collaborations with Joann Galarza Vega). 

Five small trees are suspended over dried clay circles. Trees were collected from a home renovation construction site. Clay was collected from a former forest that was cleared for construction, leaving decimated trees and exposed earth. The trees hang over the dried clay, separated from their life source, and are connected to each other at the roots by thread as an homage to how live trees are connected and communicate underground. A continuous line of red sand runs through the clay circles. 

A single tree is suspended over a dried clay circle. The tree was planted in a residential yard by a landscaping company and died after transplant, leaving visibly restricted roots and branches. The painted clay is topped with various materials collected from nature, arranged as a 'blessing' of the things that fall from trees, fallen trees and the loss of our ecosystems. Bird sounds come from a nest in the tree.